'Nachoo' Sorbet Recipe

So here's my first post on homemade dishes to add to my 'Food & Drink tab'.
Whilst I've realized my housemates and I aren't just typically students (preferring n to hold dinner parties then to go get drunk at Fruity), it seems far more fun experimenting with food dishes then it does with spirits.

Not forgetting we are still on a tight budget, my question was what could I do with stale tortilla wraps and left over gin?

So please find my very simple recipes and pictures on homemade nachos and sorbet.

'Nadda Cheese Nachos'

Ingredients: Torilla Wraps (they don't have to be old), 1 Lime, Coriander, Olive Oil, Paprika powder
  • Get the wraps, cut in triangles and touch them up with a bit of olive oil
  • Oven on at 180, simply put the triangles on a tray. Squeeze lime juice and sprinkle salt and paprika over the triangles.
  • Put in the oven for 8 mins max - flipping over half way through. (Depending how crispy you want them - i like them slightly burnt)
  • Chop coriander ready, and once triangles are done sprinkle the coriander over and squeeze more lime juice over them.
  • Serve with what variety of dips, it also goes well with soup too!

'Sipping on Gin n Juice Sorbet'

Here I used left over gin to make a dairy free pudding. Please note with the lack of culinary tools, I had no sorbet maker/blitzer and no ice cream scoop (so apologize that my photos don't look visually pleasing and just look like a block of ice). So instructions are based on having a little imagination and done normally the night before serving!

Ingredients: Left over gin (around 6 tsps or whatever is left over, don't put a whole bottle in as the sorbet won't freeze), 1 lime, 1 lemon, 400g sugar, 300g water, 400g diet tonic water
  • Grate the lemon and lime to get the zest, mix it in with the sugar and put it in a pan
  • Add the water and boil until the sugar mixture has dissolved and turns into syrup. Let the syrup cool. 
  • Whilst waiting for the mixture to cool pour the tonic water, gin and squeeze the lemon/lime juice into a jug. 
  • Once the mixture is cool, mix the tonic, gin and juice in with the syrup and pour it in a plastic container with a tight lid.
  • Leave to freeze over night. The next day take out the frozen sorbet and break up with a fork. Ideally use a blitzer/sorbet maker to mix the sorbet together, if not just keep breaking up with a fork until the ice is very thin. Put the sorbet back in the container to refreeze. This should be ready until serving
  • To garnish (as not seen in the photos), cut slices of lemon/lime to freeze on a tray and garnish alongside the sorbet.  Or alternatively use mint leaves. Use a ice cream scoop to present nicely!

It's all easy, cheap and pretty tasty - perfect for a student wanting to use leftover ingredients. Enjoy!

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