Conscious Collection

H&M have revealed their new spring evening wear 'conscious collection' for both men and women to launch in April. The range includes a variety of sharp tailoring and each piece is made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyamide. With the idea of sustainability in H&M's latest collection, surely this provokes the question of whether the consumer actually thinks about the reasons to why they purchase these goods?

With sustainability becoming increasingly a key focus for many companies, are we as consumers looking more towards the quality of the product and where it is sourced during these hard times of recession? With the little money we are willing to spend at the moment, we want it to go towards something sustainable right? 

Or is a case, that we start thinking more about sustainability now it heads more towards a fashion trend? I do therefore question whether the idea of sustainability within H&M is actually part of their business objectives or is it just a protocol to get us to spend more money on them?

Either-way the collection itself is rather nice, with the different shades of green becoming increasingly popular during Spring time and the men's tailored style jackets being my favourite. So get ready to spot the new collection in the stores on the 4th  April. 

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