What most schools don't teach...

 (Steve Jobs)

The viral campaign video for Code.org includes some of the biggest online business leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Drew Houston (Dropbox) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) to get children to start learning coding at school. 

Code.org is a non profit learning foundation to spread the message worldwide of the need for coders. With there being over  1.4 million computer jobs, a huge majority of them are in need of people who can code. 

The campaign has even lined up top artists such as Will.i.am to help promote coding to kids and emphasis how powerful coding is in any industry not just I.T. With the viral video attaining well over 8 million views, with over 600,000 shares made in just the first 7 days - the foundation is successfully spreading their message across in order to roll out more coding courses in school and offer e-learning websites too.With technology growing faster then ever, learning how to code is definitely going to be added on my to do list. (Watch the video below)

Make sure you check out the website   http://www.code.org/learn/codehs

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