Living together with Ikea

The song 'Living Together' from the band An Escape Plan is the new soundtrack for Ikea's new TV advert. 
Moving away from the electronic sounding Party Proof Kitchen advert, Ikea's new video seems to head towards the bedroom and rest of the apartment with focus on a daydreaming couple rekindling their love.
I know what you're thinking, oh how hopelessly romantic...

However this kind of thing always hits the nail on the head for young professionals and I have to say I keep thinking that my pile of shoes in the corner of my room could do with the shoe organiser they seem to keep bringing out in every commercial

 Nevertheless whatever theme they decide to bring out - whether its partying in an upside down kitchen, dancing with robots on the kitchen table or finding your true love through your piles of shoes - I can't help but like it. 
And even though going to Ikea seems to be a family day trip out saved for the weekend (we are in the recession remember) - their newproducts and nicely executed photography of them are another reason to go make another trip. Well, now that the meatballs are out of the question.

I hope you enjoy below the newly released advert and products as much as I did.

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