Alice in Sandersonland Afternoon Tea, London

I've decided to add a new section to my blog about 'Food & Drink' including eatery reviews alongside my own recipes and photographs.

To start my first post, here are a few pictures of when we treated my mum to afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel for mother's day.
The whole novelty of an Alice in Wonderland tea was brilliant, where the food to even the table set were all set in theme. The food was nicely presented although this was more the focal point then the taste itself (despite it all tasting nice) and it was really refreshing sitting in the courtyard.

The scene really was set when the menu was placed in the centre of Carroll's classic book, presented with a concoction of interesting flavoured teas and sugar cubes even in an old girl's jewellery box. The afternoon tea itself was interesting to say the least, with the base pyramid of sandwich rolls, chocolate and sun-dried tomato scones whilst being told to slowly drink a small bottle of 'drink me' potion changing from mango to coconut flavours. For the sweet tooths out there, there was a range of deserts from mango oozing egg style cheesecake to mushroom marshmallows. The food was rich and really quite sweet but lovely to go for the novelty of an alternative afternoon tea and to just experience the inside of the Sanderson hotel. Oh and of course for those inner mad hatters out there...

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