Frank's Bar, Peckham

If you were ever asked for a bar which had one of London's top views, I would not even flinch to say Frank's Bar in Peckham. As edgy as you can get with a rooftop, this crowded beauty was situated on a top of multi-storey car park. You know its good, when there's a queue to walk up 4 floors of an old multi-storey parking lot. Although we were in Peckham, drink prices didn't come cheap and their nibbles couldn't be more middle-class. Not to mention this place was busier than the central line tube stopping at oxford circus. But the views were out of this world. A pretty awesome afterwork drinks if you ask me. Watching the sun set and the city lights break out in London was just a perfect evening. Going on a Wednesday was also a great time to go, considering we're going for alternative bars - might as well pick the most alternative weekday.

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