Barcelona, 2014

I have just come back from the beautiful Barcelona, and already am I wanting to return to this awesome city. With a perfect combination between sea and culture, this city most certainly meets the ultimate holiday desires. Topping this mix, with a roof top terrace swimming pool and some awesome food - this place was right up my street. There was so many things that I enjoyed, but what I loved the most was the contrast between feeling the depths of the Mediterranean weather and the palm tree effect, to then walking down the urban yet Gothics streets roads. Obviously, this place was heaving with bodies and cameras - but the beauty of Gaudi's architecture alone made up for it. Culture was most definitely spilling out from every angle, and as soon as you look up (whether it be on the beach or on the street) there was always a beautiful sight to be seen.

  • As we arrived, I couldn't have relaxed any better than lying on the sunroof swimming pool terrace at our hotel (Attica 21). Although located slightly out of the buzzing areas, and more towards the west-side beach, I got to love the heart of the city as we strolled round the La Ramba.
  • The second day was filled with wow-factor moments as we entered the Casa Batllo and appreciating Gauldi's work for the first time. An unbelievable building - with a focus being strongly portrayed on the power of light, shapes and colour. A trip to the MNAC also provided us the beautiful views of Barcelona from a bird's eye angle, whilst stopping off at Port Vell allowed us to appreciate Barcelona's port at sea-level.
  • Our third day, gave us the time to explore more of Gaudi's work and see the wonderful beach views of the city at Park Guell followed by a visit to the Sagrada Familia. Absolutely breathtaking places and never have I seen a church with so much intricate details and mind blowing beauty.

  • Our hotel was situated in Selva de Mar (East South of the City). Despite this being a little out of the main areas, it was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourists. It was nice to also have the Platja Nova Mar Bella beach right outside of our hotel - although I spent most of my time on the roof top terrace pool. After having a little rest, we headed straight to the Placa de Catalunya for dinner and a stroll down La Rambla.

  • Visiting the Casa Batllo located in the centre of Barcelona was truly amazing. Considered one of Antoni Gaudi's many masterpieces, the building was locally named after skeletal organic quality and designed for a middle class family. The building represented many symbolic figures, and instantly showed the importance of light, colour and shape. There were few straight lines as the ground floor was famously known for it's oval windows and stone work. Both the inside and outside of the building was filled with colourful mosaic made of broken cermain tiles (trencadis). The hallway was a dream of mosaic blue, as the shade of blue became dark towards the top of the building as it reached more sunlight. The stairs walking up the hallway featured misshaped glass, giving that feeling of swimming underwater. The roof was commonly described to the likes of a dragon or dinosaur. I highly recommend you visiting this building, although try and avoid the long queues by going earlish. 

  • The views from the top of the MNAC was beautiful, mainly due to the surroundings of the green trees as you walk across the national building, Even if you don't want to go in, I highly recommend doing a quick stop there to enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona. We then stopped of at the Port Vell to admire the fishing boats and blue port as we walked across the steel bridge.

  • The next day it was such a beautiful and sunny day, so we visited Park Guell. Again, beautiful views across Barcelona (this time with views of the beach). Famously known for Gaudi's work against nature, as he built the mosaic park bench on the top of the pillars. A real wow-factor moment.

  • The most magnificent building that Gauldi built (but still unfinished) was the Sagrada Familia. If you are unsure of going in due to the prices, it is all worth it I promise!! So much detail has been put into creating this building, that is has taken over hundreds of years to get it started and yet to be finished. The inside is absolutely beautiful with the glass windows beaming such a strong colour into the cathedral. The pillars grow endlessly representing eternity with God and infinity. There is a whole other level of symbolism, as the roof is continuously outlined in flower edges - presenting palm trees to demonstrate how nature is such an importance to God. A well worth visit, but make sure to buy the tickets online rather then queuing hours for it.

  • Lastly we also had time to visit the markets and the cathedral nearby.

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