The Attendant, London

In the midst of Fitzgrovia in London, the last thing you'd think about is going for a coffee in a toilet. Yes, it's true my friends, I'm not taking the piss (got to be done). My coffee catch up literally involved sitting at a urinal. To be honest, what better place to do it then at the Attendant?

What looks like an old Victorian public toilet for men. Oh wait a minute, it actually is an old public toilet for men.Though,it has been beautifully transformed into one of the quirkiest coffee shops in London that I know. Rest assure, it doesn't smell in there. And if you're looking for great quality coffee, urine the right place! (oh stop it...)
Formerly built as a Victorian toilet in 1890 it was then mothballed in 1960's. Fifty years later, this place has been restored with the original porcelain urinals being turned into a trendy coffee bar. Rated as one of the top 10 independent coffee shops, this place is far from being full of shit. A genuine lovely place and highly recommend going if you haven't already.


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