Bone Daddies, Soho London

Bone Daddies, isn't just your average noodle joint bar. Thanks to my sister, taking me here pre-theatre performance, my eyes were opened to a new level of love for ramen noodles. Apart from the fact that the restaurant itself defines "Japanese hipscene" -  the place is covered in guitars and I think it was almost compulsory for every employee to have a tattoo. The best part of the restaurant wasn't just because it sold "cock scratchings" - how can you refrain yourself from gigglin' to that? No, the food was just so flavoursome, that you found it hard to believe you were eating just ramen noodles. The tables were more than prepared for your meal - as they provided hair bobbles, food bibs, a garlic crusher and the essential chilli oil for any dish. 

I ordered the dipping ramen, which I must say was a challenge for a messy eater like me, but the complexities of inhaling the meal made up for it's taste. Other choices on the menu, included broth made from 20 hour simmered pork bones - this just sums up that I wasn't one bit joking about taste. And if you're on a diet, you can forget it...this place sells fat pipettes incase they couldn't guarantee a full meat flavour. A good starter is the soft shelled crab - this was unbelievable great. So if you're looking for the next Japanese noodle bar, you better start preparing yourself to queue, because this place is definitely worth it.

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