Once the Musical, London

For my birthday, my sister had bought me Once the Musical tickets in the West End. I had never seen the film before so wasn't sure what to expect, but had only heard great things about it. As we entered the traditionally beautiful theatre, the first thing we got excited about was the fact that there was a bar on stage.Yes, really. Visitors were presented with a wonderfully experience that they could fully immerse in, which truly reflected an Irish pub scene - the start of this love story.

Based on the oscar winning film and also 8 Tony awards, the story starts with an Irish busker meeting a Czech girl through a shared love of music - which sparks into something much more than music itself. The show was beyond brilliant, and a complete new take on musicals; with the talented cast of actor-musicians providing the music live on stage whilst singing, dancing and acting all at the same time! That is some hard work and talent right there! Each actor excelled in their dedicated instrument, whilst the spot on czech accents were fantastic.

What was even more wonderful to see, was Arthur Darvill the former Doctor Who actor (Rory) was playing Guy. Although I was not caught up in the whole Doctor Whoo Ha, I've only just realized he was also the front-man of the local Birmingham based band "Edmund" who I was obsessed with when a teenager and having "Breaking into Houses" as my myspace song (those were the days eh?). Apart from bringing back teenage memories, Darvill's acting and singing was just subtly incredible - how he managed to nail the Irish folk voice, I have no idea. The performance itself had the perfect combination of wit, humour, invention and heart-string pulling moments.

With the last song "Falling Slowly" having everyone around me in tears, the audience leaving the show all agreed it was truly a dazzling and inspirational musical. A show like no other, and if you haven't seen it or had no intention of seeing it - trust me, this musical will move you.

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