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My best friend since primary school, has just started her new nail business "Georginails", specializing in cal gel nails. So as a treat, I took my mum to her place in Solihull and got our nails done for the day. I went for the ticklish pear colour which was pretty bold for me (as those who know me, know I only wear black and greys). But it was a perfect colour for Spring, especially as the weather has been pretty good recently in the UK. My mum went for the Flamingo Pink colour which I absolutely love. It was pretty hard to make a decision on colours, with the great selection to choose from too.

I have to admit, I'm pretty bad with nails, mine always chip the day I do them (how is it possible, I don't know). However, since getting my cal gel nails done by Georgie since Saturday they haven't chipped what so ever. A miracle in my eyes. Apparently they can last up to 3 weeks, so very much worth your money. Normal prices are £25, however she's currently doing a great introductory offer in April for £12.50.
Ofcourse, I am bound to say she's a great host but in all honestly, she makes you feel at home. So, if your based in Solihull or perhaps in Birmingham for the day and fancy a bit of pampering, I couldn't think of anything better.

My own pictures are below, but to find more information about Georginails and the choices of colours available, click on one of her links below. Oh and ofcourse, help spread the word :)

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