The Ideal Home Show, London

As I spent the week in London, my schedule had a nice array of planed events including the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. The event did not fail to impress, as the outside of the whole exhibition was wrapped in your mum's favourite flowered wall paper. As you walked in, you were welcomed with bunches of rose lamp shaped scupltures and oversized lamp shades hanging from the ceiling. The event itself, as you can imagine was pretty busy and this was on the weekday (god only knows what a weekend on Mother's day would have been like). 

With a mixture of homeshows, interior design, fashion, kitchenware, food and beauty -  there was a lot to feast your eyes on and very hard to refrain from impulse buying! The most impressive part of the show however, was the massive wooden tree house that encapsulated the idea of quiet escapes. A very fun day out, and a big thank your for my godmother for getting us tickets.

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