Vorhoelzer Forum, Munich

As part as the throw back Thursday, I wanted to blog about the Vorhoelzer Forum in Munich which I didn't have a chance to do whilst in Germany.
With it being part of the Technische Universitat Munchen, finding the sky roof terrace was pretty difficult to locate after searching across the several floors of libraries. However, once found, this place oozes with style. Not to forget, the views are really something else and the prices are very reasonable. I was told before I left Munich, that if you have a chance, you have to visit this bar just for the views. So, I was pretty much wondering what the big deal was about this place?

As soon as you enter, the bar is rammed. The queue for a coffee was constantly reaching the end of the room. Despite, the place being located in the University, there was a wider demographic of people of all ages - which in itself for me, justifies being an awesome place. This place was incredibly trendy, even though the decor was as simple as white walls and hanging light bulbs. The menu was painted on the wall, the hot chocolate was actually chocolate buttons in the cup,  the roof terrace had surround sound, and the coffee, to my surprise didn't taste like cigarettes. As we stayed their for over 4 hours having a good chit chat, we watched the sun go down and saw Munich by night time. And this was the reason for it being a big deal.

I've heard they host event nights during the summer with a DJ, which  I couldn't think of being a more ideal place in the summer days with a cold beer. If you're in Munich, make sure you save and hour or two, to chill at this place.

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