Banks @ the Institute

It's been a long time since I've visited the Custard Factory and the surrounding areas of Birmingham. So it was more than a pleasure to walk past it when I saw Banks last night at the Birmingham Institute. I'll tell you one thing about her, she is out of the world cool. The kind of cool, where you're like, how does she makes it so effortless? Not only does she works the stage and the all-in-one black outfit at the same time, but the overall production of the gig was pretty sweet. 

Although I thought the technical sound of the mic needed to be adjusted at times (too quiet at the beginning and too loud during the song Brain). The lighting for this show was pure genius, with it genuinely working so well with each song and making her look even more like a goddess. The combination of the drummer and guitarist was also a major highlight - with the drummer totally rocking it out and dropping awesome beats during the Waiting Game. Whilst the guitarist plays the smoothest guitar riff at the end of the show. I personally thought the best song played the whole night for me, was Warm Water, it had this funky vibe to it where the guitar in this song is so much better heard live then on the track itself. And of course, Banks herself has such a presence to her when performing, a dark and sultry twist created from her husky vocals. Truly someone to keep watching this current year - especially as her new album comes out.

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