Auf Wiedersehen Munich!

Today is my last day in Munich, and oh how time flies! As I sit here, eating my last pretzel I thought I'll dedicate my this post for the good times that I've had here, summarizing all my other previous blog posts. So, what did I actually get up to in Munich since living here for 6 months?

1.  Well for starters, I pretty much exhausted all the tourist attractions, that's fo' sure! I mean, visiting Neuschwanstein (x2), Dachau (x3) and Pinothek de Moderne (x3) was a slight overdose of tourism. All that being said, I am incredibly lucky to have visited so many things since I've been here. Munich is a place full of museums, galleries, castles, palaces and cultural activities. The architecture is wonderfully Gothic and it's a city which really takes care of itself. It's far different from the edginess of Berlin but Munich also thrives in history, culture and arts - and this is really something to appreciate if you visit it.

2. I arrived at Munich during the perfect time period. I managed to buy a dirndl just in time for Oktoberfest, where I drank my weight in German beer whilst the Christmas experience was also pretty special with all the Christkindlmarkts in Germany.

3. I had the chance to travel a lot just in these past 6 months. Not only did I move to Germany, but I was lucky enough to explore Salzburg in Austria, Prague, Madrid and Almeria in Spain. In Bavaria, I also had the chance to visit the lakes (despite the cold) including Schliersee, Konigsee and Starnbergersee. I've really appreciated being able to travel around so easily!

4. So here comes the cheese, but living in Munich, has also made me realized what great friends I have back in the UK. I was only away for 6 months, and still got a visit from my family and 7 other buddies. You kids know who you are and I'm glad you could enjoy the Bavarian experience with me. Thanks for those who came out to visit, and I'm only hoping to re-vamp the London experience with you guys!

5. Finally, I don't think my experience would've been half as much fun if I hadn't done this through the AIESEC go global scheme and worked for Testbirds. Never have I met so many international people, and believe I've made some close friends who I know I will keep in touch in the future. A big shout out to Tom, especially after being joint to the hip since arriving to Munich - I cannot believe we've managed to still have a decent conversation?! And a big thanks, for those who had to put up with my loud laughing, ghetto dancing and shit chat!

Wurst, you have been eaten
Bier, you have been drunk
Munich, you have been great

- Over and out -

(last tourist picture opportunity right?)

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