Sliding down Schliersbergalm

It's still hard for me to believe that Bavaria had almost reached 16 degrees in February yesterday.Yes, in February?! When I first arrived to Munich, I was told it gets minus 10degrees and here I am with my raybans on. Crazy right?
So this weekend, we probably had the same idea as any other person, by using the good ole weather to make a trip to the lakes. With Konigsee and Starnbergee already ticked of the bucket list, we decided to visit Schliersee. The scenery without a doubt was beautiful, with bright blue waters shadowed by mountains that were beribboned with snow. As we went to the top of Schliersbergalm, the views were something else. And ofcourse, what would a sunny day be without a beer garden at the top of the hill? Although the views were awesome, it wasn't the best part of the day. Heading down the Schliersbergalm was the best journey ever! Provided with sledges and gloves, we slided down the whole of the Schliersee - whilst taking in the views. It felt like only of those imaginary moments where you can imagine Boston "more than a feeling" being played as background music as your ride down. (Yes i know cheesy, but it's true). A highly recommended visit for a sunny day, especially for those who haven't been.

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