Year of the Horse

Although this is a day late, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and dedicate a post to it. This year is especially an exciting one for me, with it being the year of the Horse. Despite being born in '91 not '90, my birthday fell before Chinese New Year, and according to the Chinese zodiac this means I'm a metallic horse. Funnily enough, my Chinese name actually translates to the Swallow bird but what does the metallic horse actually symbolize for me?

Common traits (whether good or bad) for the metallic horse include being:

  • Popular but peripatetic
  • Extremely productive when positive
  • Difficult trying to keep up with him as he seems to be everywhere at the same time
  • Constantly seeking excitement
  • Stubborn and self-centred
  • Cannot function with someone glancing over his shoulder
  • Unable to establish deep personal involvements for fear this may curtail his freedom

Ofcourse those who know me, can correct me if these traits are not a true representative. (Although I do find it scary how I can agree with pretty much all them!)

Even though I am not the one for believing in every horoscope, what does it mean for the Year of the Horse?

  • Life will be hectic and punctuated with adventures
  • Action will be the key word. Everything is on the go. A rewarding but exhaustive year.
  • Exhilarating yet frustrating at times - good time for letting off steam and doing all the whimsical things you dreamed about
  • Industry, production and world's economy will be on the upswing
  • Tempers too may be a bit frayed, but good humour will prevail.
  • Be brave, bold and shocking

So what does Chinese New Year mean for me?
Well, normally this is a time for family. However, as I'm currently based in Munich, with my dad floating about in America and my sister living in London. Family time will be pretty hard for us. So I want to wish my family in particular, a prosperous new year and to be reunited altogether back in March.
When we were younger, we had little traditions such as bathing in manderin skin for good luck and giving out red envelopes which had money in it. A tradition that carries wishes of prosperity, good fortune, appreciation and love.
Now, as we're all a little older - these traditions have been a little overlooked but the meanings still remain. (Although I would never say no to a red envelope!)

But what would the year of the horse look like for me? Personally I'm thinking, who knows?! If it is to hold actions and frustrating adventures, I most certainly look forward to it. If I reflect on my 2013, it certainly has been an interesting one. I spent the summer interrailing around Eastern Europe, graduated from Leeds University with a 2:1, saw my favourite bands live (Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac) and re-located to Munich to work for Testbirds all in a space of a few months. So if my 2014 is anything like last year, I hope it's just as enjoyable.

Even though this is a slightly longer post than normal, it wouldn't be right without me showing you some "art or design" related imagery. So to celebrate the Year of the Horse, please enjoy these images of a Nest shaped riding school farm I pleasantly stumbled across from Dezeen. What may look like a giant bird's nest, is actually a sticked covered horse-riding arena in the Czech Republic.

Finally to everyone out there, whether your an asian horse brother or not I hope you will gallop to success and happiness this year. Gong Hei Fat Choy! #MaytheHorsebeWithYou

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