Sea life after Dark, London Aquarium

Recently my blog has been a little neglected, although that's not to say I haven't been doing anything these past months. As time is simply slipping through my fingers; I'm happy to be back in London enjoying all the quirky offerings this fast filled city has been pumping out during the cold hard nights. One being, an "after dark" hosted night at the London Aquarium. Being a previous attendee and enthusiast of the adult-only night at the Science Museum, I was a little overly excited for anything that could re-live my youth. I mean the combination of alcohol, swimming sharks and zero kidz?! WHAT more could one ask for?

And those couple of hours at the London Aquarium, swam by....*awaits awkward drum clash.
In all seriousness, there was one hell of a badass octopus, enough sting rays to freak you out and the largest turtle to have ever swam over my head. I also sadly stood at the finding Nemo tank for a good ten minutes, at the disbelief there was more than one Dory fish in the world. As the tour of Aquarius dreams drew to a near end,  I refrained myself from buying a stuffed cuddly toy shaped as a turtle - knowing that as a twenty three year old this surely can't be acceptable. So I left my childhood dream behinds, and headed to the pub.


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