So I haven't done a music post in a while now, but one artist I have become slightly obsessed with is Giraffage. Those who know me, can agree that I'm the acoustic/motown kind of girl. So when it comes to being introduced to different types of music - I'm not the connoisseur of chillwave but I'd like to think I'm pretty much open to hearing new stuff. Despite my musical knowledge of MPC pad is near to none, Charlie Yin's sounds for me is pretty much a next level. Not to mention he's pretty cool for a fellow Asian. Yes I know, I know, he's been around in the US for a while now supporting the likes of XXYYXX on tour. But for me, his remixes in particular are constantly on repeat. Predominately known for his kind of bedroom dream pop and layering samples, I'm pretty sure I've got to see this guy do a live set. So I was kind of jumping out of my seat when I saw he's doing a European tour. Although I'm leaving the scenes of Munich in March (so will be missing his set at Kong on the 17th May), I'm glad to be arriving in time for his Hackney based set in London. Click this link for ticket details. So ironically I look for forward to pulling shapes at Shapes venue (yes, that was lame...)

So anyway if you're a bit behind like me, and you haven't already given Giraffage a listen - here are a few of my favourite remix tracks below.

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