PS Collection 2014 by IKEA

IKEA has been the life and soul for any student moving home. So what I'm loving, is their new collection to be released in US during April. With the theme focusing "On the Move", the collection looks to target the young, urban crowd living in smaller spaces and be able to do more with it. Apparently, in its 8th iteration, the new pieces focus on bright colours, light-weight and multi-functionality. Designed for flexibility, the collection was inspired by homeowners who are always in constant motion. An example of their smart designs and solutions include corner cabinets (taking every corner space of your home), a side table with built in lighting and magazine racks and a wardrobe whose external design can be personalized to fit any style.

According to a survey commissioned by IKEA, nearly 60% of US city dwellers, aged 18-29 desire to move within the next two years. I couldn't agree more, for students and young professionals in the UK & Europe. I really look forward to see the new, urban collection for an accessible price point. So far, my favourite pieces include the chic expandable lights and the movable, triangular shelves.

If you haven't seen it yet, here are a few of the new pieces. My question is when will it arrive to the UK?

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