Pretty Néit - world's first collapsible smart luggage

So it's January, a New Year, a new you. *Yawns*

Whilst the world is going crazy with healthy kick-starts and new found gym memberships, in actual fact what we really care about is where our next travel hot spot will be this year. According to Bing Ads, travel related searches have increased 15% year-over-year in January. Therefore ranking it the strongest travel month after the summer season.

So what could be more exciting than thinking about our next travel plans? Well, not only have I've found a solution to help take the blues out of January, but this new product will also make your travelling adventures A LOT easier.

Start up company, Néit is about to launch the world's first smart, collapsible hard case luggage. No longer will us Londoners have to suffer from the lack of apartment storage space and travelling blues again. With a unique carabiner handle, you can hang this bad boy in your wardrobe, slide it under your bed and actually enjoy the space of your hotel room for once!


Why do I like this luggage so much?
Since moving from London to Munich and back to London again, a pain point of mine has always been the space shortage for storing my suitcases. Not only am I an avid traveller, but as a tech lover I'm always keen to learn more about the latest valued added tech products. And this is why the Néit suitcase is something a little more special. It's a smart suitcase. Why is it smart? It has a GPS location finder (in case you lose it) and an integrated travel app to help track your case. You can also store useful travel information in the app including your flight details.

If you're just as excited as I am, sign up to or watch out for them on kickstarter to help fund this initiative. They are also doing a cheeky referral scheme, where you can bag yourself a free case for 50 referral sign ups. This is top tech product to watch out for in 2016, so keep your eye out for the latest updates by following Néit case on twitter.

*Source: Bing Ads Winter Travel Insights
Source: Néit case  


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