No. 6 Festival @ Portmeirion, Wales

As Winter is dawning upon us, I reminisce of the past summer months and how incredible it was to end it at Portmeirion. Not only was it my first time at No. 6 Festival, it was the first time I had ever been to the beautiful village of Portmeirion. And there was only one word to describe this place...magical. This festival was filled with an incredible surrounding of nature, creativity and music. There were no queues, no crowds and no hate. The vibes were chilled, and every single person was friendly. All the fashion faff and the festival trends regularly seen at a modern day festival was all taken away. Instead, this festival was pure and real - and the best one I've been to yet.

For the music lovers, what more could you ask for than to see Grace Jones headline?! Mark Ronson also surprised us with a hip hop filled dj-set and Bondax rocked the floating stage in the middle of the woods. My favourite session however was seeing Kimberly Anne performing acoustically at an intimate gig at the town hall.

But it wasn't just all about the music, there was enough activities to make you want to stay there for another week. With a Michelin star chef cooking us a banquet dinner at Clough's and a mysterious woodland overviewing a 360 degree angle of the whole of Portmeirion. Oh, and there was also interactive log flumes, carnival marches, paddle-boarding and enough bubbles to turn you into an overexcited child again. If you're into middle-class activities and some of the best street food, this would be right up your street.

A real family friendly festival, the best kind for an awesome weekend away.




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