Fleetwood Mac are back!

For those who know me, nothing could excite me more than talking about Fleetwood Mac.
So when I had pre-bought tickets a year ago, you could only imagine how much of a loser fan I was.
But the 2015 tour was way more of a big deal, then when I had seen them in 2013. This time, the beautiful Christine McVie had re-joined the band and absolutely stole the show. Why you ask? Because songs I had been dying to hear play live the first time round I saw them, were never played. That's right...Everywhere, Songbird, Seven Wonders (the all-time belters) were finally played in the 2015 tour. And yes I screamed like an overexciting child.

The band who, let's been honest have been through a hell of  lot (divorces that is), can still be so unified after so many years. However, what's probably the most interesting thing of their 2015 Tour - was the demographic audience present at the O2 arena. Rows in front of me were filled with Mum & Dad's re-living their youth and forcing their 7 year old kids to have a good time. Whilst the rows behind me, were fully packed with the silver foxes of the band's generation. And then there was me and my friends, a bunch of millennia's trying to be cool. Which in itself pretty much sums up how Fleetwood Mac are attacking the music scene. They're loved by all generations, even after god knows how many years. As long as these legends keep touring, I'll keep blogging. I'll leave you with big love (literally Lindsay singing it).


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