Fleetwood Mac

So I've only been waiting since February to see one of the greatest bands in the world, and last night did not disappoint.
The beauty of the concert wasn't the big production stages and expensive sound effects, but instead everything was stripped back on stage. Nothing unnecessary was provided; just the music, band and 35 years of hard work on the stage. There was no support band, and daymn right there shouldn't be. A three and half hour set powered by the ultimate foursome in the world right now, playing so in-sync together it was unbelievable. And that my friends, was the most golden moment. 

Although I was gutted that some of my favourite songs such as Everywhere, Family Man and Stevie's very own Tell Me Lies were not played. The beautiful blended mix of Rumours, Tusk and their new material had made up for it. I mean I was happy for them to do a 5 hour set, but as I shamefully admit that Lindsay is actually granddad not husband material, I can't complain about the nicely compiled set list.
So the best bit you ask?
Was it Lindsay's UNREAL half an hour guitar riff? or Mick's drum solo supported by his fabulous English humour? Or Stevie singing one of my favourite songs 'Landslide' so beautifully?
Not really (although those were all unforgettable moments).... for me it was all about how they played together so tightly as a band and how Lindsay and Stevie can still harmonise so incredibly well together. But they make it look so darn easy the whole time! I mean I was admittedly overly excited when I saw the Stones, but to say I've seen Fleetwood Mac in the same year has literally made my day, month, year and lifetime.

So for all of you who are still yet to see Fleetwood Mac on their tour, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. For those who couldn't make it, I hope you like my photos (only taken by an iphone) and the videos. Please excuse my out of tune wailing in the videos, I just got too excited I couldn't control myself. Understandable right?

Yesterday's Gone

Go Your Own Way

The Chain

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