Once upon a time...

So this weekend I was living a fairy tale dream as I visited Munich's finest Neuschwanstein Castle. Or most famously known for the inspiration towards Disney's sleeping beauty castle. Whilst my trek there was less exotic then Prince Charming's heroic adventure on a white horse, the view walking towards the castle was something else.

Although I do admit, the weather was a bit of shame. As much as I wished the heavy fog on the day could add to the mystical heavens, it in actual fact just blocked the god damn castle. So tip number 1, check the weather forecast before you go. Despite my ramblings, the castle inside was unbelievably beautiful. And when I use the word 'unbelievable' I really do mean surreal.

Another tip I advise, is to honestly go with a walking tour.Yeah yeah yeah, it's touristy and lame. But guess what, it's a castle...the only people who are going to be there are tourists! In all seriousness, the story of how King Ludwig, the history of his family and the reasons to why he built the castle is all incredibly interesting. It's crazy to think that something so beautiful and dream like, was all created by a King who was miserable, mentally strained and lonely. The interior of the castle emphasizes his loneliness, with the grand and dreamlike decorations representing strong signs of escapism. But what is even harder to believe, is that the castle wasn't designed by an architecture, but one of Wagners (famous musician best friend on the side) opera set designer drew the initial sketches. So surreal that the building of the castle were unable to meet the requirements of the sketch.

But I don't want to spoil the storytelling for you, I'll wait for you to visit it to find out the mysterious ending of Ludwig's death. If the history and story telling doesn't do anything for you, maybe the walk up to the alps and back down again will. With a stunning walk past the waterfall, and the castle being right in the middle of the mountains it really is spectacular. (Even when the fog covered the majority of the view)

A highly recommended visit, and no doubt you'll get better pictures then mine when you go!

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