Pix Pintxos, Soho London

So having been to Madrid for my birthday, it was nice to surprise my buddy who experienced the Spanish trip with me to London's very own Pix bar. This place although small, had an almighty atmosphere. The bar was simply designed, a dark yet urban twist to Spanish style. With a pretty good aray of tapas - it depicted the Barcelona lifestyle quite nicely with the stick system. (How ever many sticks you pick, are how many dishes you pay for). The tapas were indeed classic with a nice choice of calamari, aubergine dip and raw tuna. A good tip we took away, was to sit near the tapas bar - as they regularly bring out new dishes and you can grab them first ;)

If you haven't been I highly recommend going, although you would need to book a table as there is no way you'll have a seat otherwise. The bar is also incredibly well placed - just off Dean street in Soho.

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