Dachau, Germany

On Sunday I visited the Dachau concentration camp, the first concentration camp for political prisoners. This camp later served as a model for all later concentration camps, where over 40,000 people were murdered. Although the American troops liberated the survivors, Dachau today, is still only remembered for the devastation and suffocation the survivors went through. In 1965 the memorial site was established, providing a historical walk-through of the prisoners. After going to Krakow in the summer and experiencing the Auschwitz, it was only a matter time before I visited Dachau. Although a much smaller camp, the meaning behind it all still remains impressive. With many memorial statues and dedicated art, it was the government message of "Work sets you free" on the doors, that created the most striking image. Here are a few of my photos, but reflection rather than photography was at the forefront of our minds that day. Whether you go to Dachau or Auschwitz, it is a necessity to visit such places, so we never forget.

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