Kunstbau, Munich

So today I thought I'll leave the traditional Bavarian stuff behind and live a uber hipster life. And what better place to do so, then visit the modern art areas within Munich?
With all the galleries placed conveniently five minutes away from each other, the museums for me did not disappoint - especially as entry price was cheap as chips (1 Euro on a Sunday). Although we focused much our of time in the Pinakothek der Moderne, the exterior of the Brandhorst was also pretty impressive (as above).

Alongside the crazy cool stuff that nobody every understands, the Pinakothek held work from some pretty renowned artists. Including early day sketches from Warhol and pieces from Magritte.The product design exhibition was interesting, with an eccentric Aldi model wall and iconic products being rotated on a elevating stand. Highly recommend these museums for all types of art lovers (well contemporary art lovers) if you ever visit Munich.

Pinakothek der Moderne



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