Königssee, Germany

Yesterday was the perfect day to visit Königssee, definitely whilst experiencing the last bit of sun in Bavaria.
The natural lake in the southeast of Berchtesgadener land, near the border of Austria, was nothing less of beautiful. Most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park, where the area was so peaceful  that echoes could be heard with a sound of a trumpet. Funnily enough the direct translation of Königssee, is the "Kings Lake" despite there being no Bavarian kings since 1806. 

Königssee is what I liked to call a photographer's dream, little needs to be done to take a fantastic photo. Although the journey from Munich was long, it was definitely worth visiting it in the nice weather. Here are my photos (beware there are literally a hundred of them, it was far too beautiful to put my camera down).

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