Lenbachhaus, Munich

So with the long bank holiday weekend we had in Germany, it meant I had more time to be cultural. On the Sunday I visited the long awaited Lenbachhaus. An impressive building that holds the definite expression of 'tradition meets modern'. Despite the exhibition being a little on the steep side for price, the art held in this gallery really provided a wide selection for your tastebuds. Lets just say,  it's the type of exhibition where 19th century art shook hands with the abstract world. 

At times it felt like you walking through a neon lit kingdom, with electrified glass tubes hung up on every staircase corner. Those who know me, know that I'm easily pleased with any kind of light bulb action - whether it be fairy or neon based. However it was the melting Guggenheim sculpture which excited me the most. Although some of the modern day art was a little too edgy for myself, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit. (I'm mean the pickle on the stand was just far too funny). After all, it was one of the busiest exhibitions I've ever been to on a Sunday.

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