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As it is coming towards the end of the year of 2012, my next few blogs will reflect the good ole snippets I had from the past year. Undoubtedly being the most exciting year had I have had so far - with the chance to live and work in London whilst the Olympics was happening. Despite the great hype and energy surrounded in London, one memorable event for me was flying off to New York for my birthday. 

Here I document photographs taken by the Chung family of our time there. Those who have been or planning to go - will know the iconic places and things New York has to offer. So hope you like our photos...
(brace yourself....its day by day)

Day 1: We landed in New York, spending the night in Times Square and for those who have seen the film New Years Eve (yes cringe) we went to Ella's Stardust Diner. Absolute classic of an American diner with those 'hawt booigers and darn great shakes', and of course the potential Broadway stars keeping you entertained whilst eating.

Times Square

Ellen's Stardust Diner

Day 2: Before walking across the iconic bridge, we walked around Dumbo looking at those local shops which held that 'typical New York' element of coolness to them.  The Brooklyn Bridge itself is amazing, and of course you expect it to be, but even though you'll think it feels familiar it's still a beautiful walk. Having walked through the Brooklyn bridge we trekked through what seemed like different countries from the Financial District corner to Little Italy and then China Town.  Having lunched at Lombardi's Pizzeria (arguably the oldest Pizzeria in New York) in Little Italy we spent the rest of the afternoon in shopping heaven in Soho 

Brooklyn Bridge 

Financial District

Lombardi's Pizzeria

Day 3: Spending the day around Central Park (oh yes we got the horse carriage ride...why not eh?), we then spent a good 3-4 hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art which I have to say was amazing to see pieces from Klimt, the infamous Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Tip of advice; the museum prices are only suggested - you can pay however much you want to enter!  In the evening we went to see a Broadway show at the Union Square Theatre called Traces (a mixture between acrobatics, dance and poetry), a high recommended alternative to the overly priced classics.

Central Park

Union Square Theatre

Day 4: We started the day walking down the Highline towards the Meat packing district. The highline is one of the things which has to be done, incredible sights. Coincidently we saw a David Shrigley piece on a billboard (only having just saw his exhibition in London's Hayward gallery) which led us to Greenwich village. Before hitting East Village we managed to stop off at Katz Deli, unfortunately we didn't get to meet Harry or Sally but we got that pastramai sandwhich in the end.

The High Line

Katz Deli

Day 5: The day of the Easter Parade with the streets filled with bonnets, baskets and dressed up puppies. After being seasoned out, we visited the Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial (truly breathtaking) and  pretended to be left waiting for my oh so loved one at the New York Grand Station. I possibly had the best mexican food I have ever tasted that night - I'm not sure where it was or what is was called but nothing compares to it - not even Wahaccas and that is definitely saying something....

Easter Parade

Grand Station

View from Empire State Building
Unknown but legendary Mexican food

Day 6 and beyond: The last few days were a whirlwind of activities. From Ellis island to Coney island (best place for corn dogs). We then made final visits to the statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue and spent our last night looking down on the lighted New York City from the Rockafella building.

Coney Island
Statue of Liberty

Largest Apple shop in 5th Ave

Evening at Rockafella

Photography: Laura, Emma and May Chung

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