Stilj DesignMark, Munich

This Saturday I visited the Stilj DesignMarkt in Munich. This event took place in 5 different cities within Germany, and this weekend it came to Munich's very own Kultfabrik. Just in time for Christmas, the DesignMarkt showcased the work of many young designers and creative labels from all over Germany. With some unique pieces, one could buy products ranging from jewellery to clothing. Although I had to admit, the market stalls were overpriced and typically there was nothing new from what I had already seen from the scenes in England. And whilst the style of urban "homie" t-shirts and flatcaps are only just arriving in Munich, this trend has already been exhaustively worn and walked over by the students in London, Nottingham and Leeds. Perhaps, more of a reason to why prices are sold at the premium side here for just a very standard t-shirt.

Nevertheless, I did see more than a few items I fell in love with. Including the likes of the wooden "boulle" style glasses, the most perfect gold pretzel ring, the best-smelling leather fold up clutch and a pillow made for feet?! Despite leaving empty handed, the atmosphere of the event was pretty darn cool. In fact, very much Berlin-sque - which I tell you now is a very rare sight in Munich. With a chilled out vibe, awesome music and a very fitting location, I can understand why we had to queue to get in.

Here a few of the young German jewellery artists I actually appreciated....(although the prices not so much)

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