The Battle of the Christmas Markets

So if it's one thing Germany is known for, it is the Christmas markets. No, they don't have one big market in the city centre, that would be too easy! There are literally tons of them, on every street corner, every city square and lets be frank here, on any free floor space they could possibly find. Not only are these markets the reason to why everyone in Germany (and apparently the UK) feels Christmassy...but each market has something slightly unique about them. So which one is the best you say? Well, I only went to 4 different Christmas markets (yes only 4 and not only in Germany) so it was a tough decision! I would have to say even though Tollwood Market in Munich was fun and creative, it didn't beat the traditional and intimate Christmas atmosphere Salzburg had. According to Reuters travel picks, Munich, Salzburg and Prague made the top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe. And if you don't agree, take a look at the pictures below..

Marienplatz in Munich - The enormous Christmas tree that glitters almost 2,500 lights is pretty impressive.

Tollwood Christmas Market - more arty and hippy which  was a nice alternative

Prague Christmas Market  - although the Christmas tree was overshadowed with decorations, it was still a great time to visit Prague

Salzburg Christkindlmarkt - one of Europe's oldest markets and best place for Kaiserschwarmm!

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