Hello, my name is Paul Smith Exhibition London

Last week, I visited the Hello, I'm Paul Smith Exhibition at the Design Musuem in London. Here, we visually unraveled the fashion designer's mind and his world of creation, inspiration, collaboration and beauty.

The exhibition not only celebrates the rise of one of Britian's leading fashion brand to date. It also gives an insight to how Paul Smith actually started the company in Nottingham, to the journey of  how he made it in an international prominence today. The beginning was clearly an important part of his life, which was highlighted as you enter the exhibition walking through a modeled version of his very first shop in the UK. With his wife being a key influence to his life, not just his work - the exhibition explores how his influences inspires his designs,consequently influencing how he remains so level-headed as a designer. Although a smaller exhibition then expected, it offered a unique insight into the mind of Paul Smith and the company's success. A personal favourite being the button held wall and the re-creation of his messy yet creative workplace.

I highly recommend going to see it before it finishes on the 9th March, and of course before the Design Museum relocates to West London.

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