Four Corners Cafe, London

As I said farewell to my fellow friend Ella, who is starting her new adventures in New Zealand - we spent several hours in a trendy little cafe between Waterloo and Lambeth called Four Corners Cafe. Not only were the choice of teas that were available quite adventurous, but their bucket lists and map themed walls instantly drove conversations to what our next travels could be. Apart from the cosy atmosphere and hilariously hot beverage related pun posters (Fight for the right to latte, was a personal favourite). The detail the owners put into the small things really brightened up our day. Whether it was the lego table, the eye bombing sugar pourers or the scout to find an Uncle Steve figurine in order to get a free coffee - the place undoubtedly brought fun and humour to London.
Oh, and how could I forget the cleverly labelled free wifi - "pretty fly for a wifi". So if you're out and about and fancy a coffee stop, I highly recommend this little gem of a place a visit.

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