Begging to Borrow

Having been suggested a MSN visualiser page from a friend at work I stumbled on the songwriter Grey Reverend and as a complete sucker for acoustic music, I actually questioned myself whether his sounds physically knocked down one of my heart strings.

Grey Reverend also known as Larry Brown, born and raised in Brooklyn released his LP 'Of the days' back in the summer of 2011 and only just having listened to a few of his tracks, I bow my head in shame to why I haven't discovered him earlier. Despite only being around for a few years, he has already toured with the almighty Cinematic Orchestra having done some lead vocals during the performances.

Grey Reverend's voice is somewhat familar, having such a strong tone of voice that even when he mumbles through the majority of his lines you can clearly hear the dark lyrics he intones. With sounds similar to a milkshake of Elliott Smith, Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez, his music is solely acoustic based. However I can still hear small influences of jazz and blues within his tracks.

What amazes me even more is Grey Reverend's background story where he suffered from 'focal dystonia' - a condition that involuntarily constricts muscle movement causing the loss of use with his two fingers, a guitarist's worst fear. Having adapted himself to use fewer fingers while playing (with similar sounds to the likes of John Fahey) he proves to me a better musican than any ole acoustic joes' out there.

My favourite song is Begging to Borrow - as Grey Reverend demonstrates his brilliant ability to play on words, as well as emphasising certain lyrics in order to emotionally amplify his songs. In particular his last sentence of this song really has an impact on you with his words,

'isn't it something, when you've got nothing left to say'

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