My 2011 Pictured

As we're counting down the hours for 2012, I thought I'll leave my last blog post reminiscing the best of my year 2011 in photographs.

1.) Starting the year in Leeds with awesome house mates and brilliant friends, I'd never thought a few months later I'll be leaving the great city behind. Having mastered the idea of fancy dress, vintage clothing, cupcake making and brinner - I had the best laughs and banter there. The final picture being one of my favourites from the year shows the 'last meal' made before we headed for 3rd year.

2.) Obviously during the year it couldn't have been spent with out my best girlies, BCM. Having visited various cities for birthday shenangians and spending quality time at ParkLife Festival together this summer - they made it one heck of a year for me. I cant wait for 2012 to make it the 7th year of our friendship (10 years for some) and celebrate our 21st birthday with our Monika friendship bracelets.

3.) This summer was a big year for my family. Having my older sister graduating from her masters in the summer and getting a superb job for an architect firm in London. My rents celebrated their 30year anniversay this year - flying off to China. Looking forward to our fam holiday in NY next year.

4.) Finally the biggest thing for me this year was moving to London and starting my placement year for Microsoft. After the sweat and tears from the job search, interview stages and prep work that year - I feel like it's all finally paid off as I couldn't be happier working for this company.I've learnt more this year alone than my time at uni and it's only made me want to go do bigger and better things. Meeting some great people and making some awesome new friends - in particular my LDN house mates, it's sad to think how quickly it has gone and will go next year. Highlights include working for the great Bing team, attending some amazing work events (meeting Alex James, seeing Rihanna perform, staying over at a manor house), Notting Hill festival, experiencing a Christmas London, discoving my love for Dance Central Kinect and going to several musicals and the Nutcracker ballet. I am going to miss the big smoke next year, and even though returning to hearty Leeds it just does not compare.

As the Year 2011 comes to an end - it only means the beginning of the all things i'm yet to experience in 2012.

In particular I personally can't wait for the London Olympics, being able to volunteer at the Paralympics, flying off to Berlin & New York as well as all the work challenges I get to face and goals I aim to set for the new year.

- Gung Hay Fat Choy

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