Promotion better then sex?

I read an interesting article today from the Marketer discussing whether marketing and promotion was better then sex? Sounds absurd to most people but research has found that promotions can have the same effects on the brain as porn.

A 2010 study by the IPM measured how 50 people responded to packs of goods featuring promotions and packs without promotions. Emotional reactions and attention was measured through eye movement and pupil dilation. The study found that well pitched promotional marketing could achieve response scores normally associated with pornographioc images. 
Similarly research found that receiving vouchers or a free gift sets the brain off in much the same way as seeing erotic imagery.

As the science of studying brand impact by measuring brain patterns is still in its infancy its still hard to dispute the feel good factor involved in receiving something for nothing.

Nevertheless the article shows that promotion can be an interesting and important factor when dealing with customer behaviour.

(Article written by Andy Allen;the Marketer Dec/Jan 2010-11)

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