On the 27th November I went to see Ludovico Einaudi Solo Tour at the Birmingham Town Hall. As I recently listen to his latest song the 'Nightbook'  it brings back memories to the concert and how incredibly breathtaking it was.

Having already being one of the most popular composers in the UK and already composed for the likes of This is England and This is England 86' he has truly grown as a soloist where his style of music is so recognizable. His music is inspiring being able to deeply touch people by simply using a minimal and contemporary sound of the piano. As I play the piano myself, the first few songs I learnt how to play was Le Onde and Igiorni ( a few of his most famous) and now rarely having time to play the instrument I can always remember how to play those songs even when I haven't touched the keys in a long time. What I like about Einaudi is that he isn't afraid to play a repetitive mode but rather spices his music up with unexpected changes and twists to keep the audience fully engaged.

During his concert he lets his hands do the talking, beautifully portraying everything he has experienced in his lifetime including his reflection from African travels and his homage to rock music. As he takes the time to rests his hands, he describes the story behind each piece allowing the audience to take in what he illustrates. He ends his encore with Igiorni leaving more then a few tears within the crowd but a standing ovation. Not only does Einaudi present beautiful music but behind the piano there is a beautiful man, taking the time to meet his fans and show that he really is grateful for the support; which many artists usually forget to do...

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