Last stop in Krakow!

So our last trip ended up in Krakow, which was brilliant place to finish. A small but beautiful old town, with a lot of character. Although we experienced the worst overnight train journey ever, it was worth waking up and having breakfast in a cute cafe right in the middle of the square in the blasting sun. One great thing about Krakow, is just how unbelievably cheap everything is and you definitely appreciate it, especially when it's your last stop.

Despite Krakow being such a beautiful and somewhat tourist getaway, it is crazy to think just outside the town is where the Auschwitz was located- a place full of emotion and reflection. And just for that reason, it is why I think it's a must visit place. 

Hostel: Mint's Place, Florianska Street
A perfect and quiet hostel, which was beautifully decorated and so cheaply priced. Couldn't rate it any higher - perfect location and also great for couples on a cheap budget.
Highly recommend
  • Visiting the market square (inside and outside) to see the local stalls. We also went up the clock tower for some great views. 

  • Visit the Collegium Maius, the University courtyard which is the University's oldest building dating back to the 14th Century. Nearby, are the local churches which Pope John Paul II used to wave outside to the crowd.
    I then recommend heading towards the castle and seeing the beautiful views from there!

  • We walked to the Jewish Quarter, which I highly recommend doing if you have time. Joseph street was particularly great, full of small boutiques and quirky bars. We were fascinated to know that the Jewish Quarter used to be the roughest area in Krakow, however (bit like East London) when artists and jewellery makers started living in the area it eventually became one of the most visited tourist attraction and safest area to live. You could easily spend a lot of time looking through all the boutiques and really appreciating the art crafted work. A particularly nice place if your looking for unique gifts.

  • I also recommend on Ulica Meiselsa street, looking at the Mleczarnia (Jewish milk bar) with an interior of gramophones and candelabras and sepia photographs. (Although slightly dark and creepy it portrays well a traditional bar). Opposite to the milk bar is a lovely garden, with one of the best spots in the city when the chestnut and cherry are in bloom, they serve the best lemonade!

  • Later on we took a buggy tour to understand the Kaizmiers square area better. There is a lot of history to be known, which may not necessary be understood when walking by yourselves. 

  • You should walk down the chestnut lined strip of gardens, known as Planty that circles the city alongside the old walls. It's a lovely walk and great to see the local history and how people are like.

  • The next day we went to the Auschwitz which took up a whole day. Although it was almost 30degrees, it was very interesting and emotionally draining at the same time. However it is a must see - try and go early to avoid queues.

  • Krakow is a good place to try the quirky bars and restaurants. The first place we went to was this Mexican restaurant just outside our hostel on Florianska street, although the food wasn't brilliant - it was a highly entertaining night. The 2nd night we decided to go to NOVO in the Jewish Quarter for dinner, which had really nice food, drinks and atmosphere. Afterwards, we decided to do a spontaneous bar crawl and look at all the quirky bars, which they all had different decor in - including swinging chairs at the bar, sewing machines on the tables and very cheap drinks!

  • I also advise looking at the Old square at night time and seeing the fountain lit up - a nice walk for sure!

  • On the last day we headed to the Ghetto Heroes square memorials, which were full of chairs dedicated to the murdered Jews of the Podgorze Ghetto. Designed by architects Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Latak, 69 chairs in total were dotted around the square with 33 of them being illuminated at night. This project was called "New Concordia Sqaure!

  • Around the corner of Ghetto square was the Schindler's list Factory and MOMACK contemporary art musuem. A must see for those interested in art! Some great pieces and some very questionable edgy ones. Please enjoy the photos :)

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