24 hours in Vienna

After enjoying the natural beauty of Slovenia for a couple of days, it was nice to enter a change of up-market and cosmopolitan vibes in Vienna. Even though 24 hours doesn't seem like a long time, we were surprised to how much we could get done. Vienna was one of my favourite locations, purely because the city manages to combine so well the royal-imperial flair of the past with the latest trends providing a city full of captivation.

So here a few pointers of what we did and what I'd advise to do even if you only have a few days:

Hostel: Hostel Ruthensteiner on Robert Hamerlinggasse.
A hippy atmosphere with bohemian gardens and instruments hanging on the wall provided a good setting for students and travellers. Located very centrally of West Bahnhof which was great for a short stay.

Highly recommend
  • For something different, have a browse round the Hundertwasser House and Kunsthaus to admire the artistic implications made towards the old buildings, inspired by architect artist Fridensreich Hunderwasser. With earth grass covered roofs and uneven floors to both buildings,the KunstHausWien is the only museum to hold the permanent exhibition of Hunderwasser's works. 

  • During the evening we went for a night walk around the Musuem Quartier towards the Hofburg Imperial Palace and ended by the light projections on St Stephen's Cathedral. All of the places were far more visually impressive when lit up at night (a must do especially if short on time). However we also visited the Musuem Quartier in the day and if we had time would've like to entered the MUMOK. 

  • The next morning we headed to the Schonenburg palace and gardens which had stunning views. However highly recommend going early in the morning to avoid the mass amount of tourists.

  • In the afternoon we spent a couple of hours in the Royal Opera House - a must see! However don't be fooled by the people wearing wigs outside the theatre selling tickets, as it will always be cheaper inside the opera house! (good ole tip there)

  • For food I recommend trying the small Austrian restaurants for authentic stroganoff. However if you were like us and getting a bit tired of the heavy Eastern European food, a nice little venue is called Daniel's Bakery based near the Quartier Belvedere on Jacquingasse. It is a nice walk around there but also do very nice Americanised/British food. 

  • We then finished our day in Vienna looking at the famous Schwarzenberger Platz fountain.

Although we only had 24hours in Vienna, I advise having a good look around the city as there are over 50 museums to see, however if like us you had a few hours I hope you find this blogpost useful!