Go back in time: 1920s

Top tips to throw a 1920s party:
(pictures included)

  1. No dress code, no entry. Dressing up is essential and makes the difference.
    Boys - braces and shirts
    Girls - Vintage glitz and glam
  2. Choose a secret location and have pre-drinks at yours first. Make sure everyone comes before a certain time and order enough taxis for those coming
  3. If possible find a prohibition bar to hold your party.
    In Leeds the Maven Bar on Call lane is a perfect location, with fancy cocktails and waiters wearing braces (see pictures below)
  4. Set the scene - martini glasses, dim lighting, candles, jam jars with sweets and 1920s/jazz music (Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong)
  5. It's a speakeasy so there needs to be alcohol flowing and lots of it. Make sure there is enough.
  Photographs by Libby Brown
Maven Bar Leeds

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