'The Memory be Facebook?'

"The Memory be Green" - Hamlet-
Or should it be more 'The Memory be Facebook?'
Researchers from the University of California and Warwick, found that Facebook posts and comments are more memorable than human faces or even from books. 

Isn't it funny how the world of social media re-structures not only our behavior but the way we think? According to  Mashable due to the unedited tone of micro blogging, this can bring people closer to the natural language making it more 'mind-ready'.
If this research is very likely and true - can we learn from the way we or a company communicates to their audience. Are we expected to see marketing messages written constantly unfiltered or spontaneous similar to Facebook posts in order for them to be most memorable? Or will this result in the deterioration of the English Language?
Even though an interesting debate there is no doubt in agreeing that Facebook has impact our social world today, not only being the most recently downloaded mobile app but also affecting the communications between people. However do we see the idea that people today seem to remember Facebook posts more then books heading in a positive or negative direction, what do you think?

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