I Blame Coco

This Christmas and next year is going to be huge for the upcoming artist Eliot ‘Coco’ Summers also known as I blame Coco. Daughter of Sting, she has already been incredibly successful, known worldwide and worked with various artists including Robyn. Her music can satisfy a range of taste buds, providing dancy electro pop tunes but mastered with a husky dark voice. Her presence seems awkward but edgy giving something different about her without purposely causing attention.

Recently just playing her UK tour, her band cleverly teamed up with Urban Outfitters, using each other for promotion. Before each performance, she played a free acoustic set in Urban Outfitters Shop, giving a sample of what she has to offer. I went to see her in Leeds at the acoustic set, and was blown away from her voice. I blame Coco opened with ‘Self Machine’ where the bass guitarist’s vocals perfectly matched with Coco’s voice herself, starting with a mind blower. I honestly think that when performing acoustically, it gives them so much more justice then their recorded singles. After the acoustic set, she kindly did signings for the audience before rushing off to her actual show in Leeds. Their latest album “the Constant” is out on the 1st November and will be without a doubt a decent buy.

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