Yuko Michishita

Taken inspiration from ‘tribes engaged in traditionally womanly activities such as weaving and embroidering’, Japanese illustrator Yuko Michishita has produced some brilliant artwork showcasing the native tribes of Asia from which her heritage hails.

Having already produced the album sleeve for FleetFloxes, her increasingly popular illustrations adorns limited edition t-shirts and tote bags exclusively to Liberty of London. Her work is beautifully detailed, where she is entirely drawing in pencil - portraying traditional Asian patterns with a twist of folk. Her drawings are simply effective, and I find her interest in focusing on hair braiding incredibly amazing. For me, drawing the features of hair can be particularly challenging, yet alone making it look effortless the way she has done it.

Already I find her artwork amazing, so it is definitely exciting to see what she has to reveal in the future. As she is gradually becoming heavily recognized, I wouldn't be surprised if she took the world by storm in a few years.Check out Stolen Moments in their March series features an interview from Yuko Michishita and a acoustic performance from one of my favourite artist at the moment Lucy Rose.

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