So I haven't written a blog in ages due to hectic exams and life. However despite all the hype and publicity already made about her second album, I still think Adele deserves a blog about her latest album.

Followed from her last album 19, she releases her 2nd album two years later surprisingly called 21. Being a big Adele fan, I would probably find it incredibly difficult to dislike any song she does with a voice like hers. However with such a beautiful voice, it cannot be wasted with a poor album so a high standard was to be met for her fans.

What I adored about 19 was that it was powerful and emotional with a bluesy twist. Projecting her love for jazz and blues. Her lyrics were strong and harsh, but demonstrated the pain she went through from her breakup. Most of the tracks consisted of her pure voice backed with a simple accompany such as a piano/guitar as demonstrated in 'Make you feel my love' and 'Crazy for you'. Thankfully 21 meets the same standards having the same hearty songs with a beautiful melody such as 'Someone like you'. This song in itself completes the album, having it alone on the album would give it a number one as it sends shivers down your spine. A breathtaking piece. As for the album, you can tell she has grown and matured, her lyrics portray the frustration she had during 19 but are reflected with forgivable lyrics. Rather then showing anger and hate, she illustrates what she has learned over the years forgetting the troubles previously encountered. Her single 'Rolling in the deep' is the perfect comeback song, providing an upbeat soulful sound, guaranteed a hit single. As for the rest of the album, she moves away from the blues outlook but instead focusing on strong ballads which really shows the strength of her voice. One of my favourite songs is 'He wont go' where the track starts of in a low tone, giving it that edge I've always loved about Adele.

I'm still deliberating to whether it is a better album then 19, even though it has definitely met the same standards. One song which I personally found a downfall on the album is 'Rumour has it', it is still a great upbeat song, but in my opinion not album worthy. Despite this, I am constantly listening to the album everyday and will probably be an album which I will never get sick of, just like 19.

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